To know the history of EDSES is to rediscover the history of the oldest school of Pasay City, the Pasay Central School, it is the main school of Pasay City with many annex school. Pasay Central School was renamed Epifanio delos Santos Elementary School (EDSES).

      In 1952, EDSES was relocated to G. Villanueva Street where it is presently located. The claim of EDSES as the continuation of Pasay Central School lies not in its location but on  the fact that all records of Pasay Central School is currently kept in EDSES, aside from the fact that Pasay Central School was renamed EDSES before it was relocated. With all its records carried to the new site, P. Burgos Elementary School which is currently located in the old site of Pasay Central School started as a new school. 

         Therefore EDSES can clearly claim that it is indeed the renamed school of PCS.

      Pasay Central School is the answer to a disturbing need of their times. Pasay with a population of 33,310 in 1919 badly needed a school.

      The Gabaldon Bill which provided one million for the building of a concrete public school proved very useful in the crises of Pasay City which was then named Pineda, a municipality in the First District of Rizal.

      The Gabaldon building has a classroom size of 7 x 9 with floor area of 63 sq. meter allowing 1.575 sq. meter per pupil of 40 in a room.

     In 1920, Charles E. Yeater was the vice-governor-general and also the concurrent secretary of Education. 

      The curriculum medium of instruction was English and the administration of the curriculum was left largely to the discretion  of the superintendent. The curriculum followed by the school was 

taken from bulletin No. 7 s. 1904, which is as follows:

      Grade I: Language (reading, writing, spelling, object work and phonetics), Arithmetic, Body Training (singing, drawing, handiwork, opening exercises and physical exercises).

      Nowadays, the EDSES continue to serve as one of the foundation of education in Pasay.